The Power of Numerology Seeing 111, 333, or 444

Kimberly tells us what the message is when we see numbers such as always looking at the clock and seeing 333′s, or 444′s and what the numbers 111 or 1111 means if you keep seeing those numbers. Psychic Readings & Coaching by Kimberly @
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  1. wks1978 says:

    It’s a shame you’re so attractive. I can’t listen to what you say for looking. lol

  2. kimberlybunch says:

    @slandige Thank you! You are a blessing to me.

  3. slandige says:

    If you add the last two numbers of you birth year and your age it equals 111 weird?

  4. kimberlybunch says:

    @PinkSkiiTtLeZzYoanNa Sounds mind boggling. At that point I’d rather engross myself in mathematical studies.

  5. PinkSkiiTtLeZzYoanNa says:

    umm I see all kinds of numbers. except for 777 and 888….that show that i’m doing the right thing…but i’m NOT….I’m basically wasting my days away, getting confused with huge blobs of theories. recently i’ve been seeing the numbers more now that i’m all confused and far away from anything that has to do with the unseen. i’m really stuck right now. i can’t believe in anything anymore. been seeing 12, 222,333,444,666,555,111. pretty much all of them.

  6. lilyaskue says:

    This has been happening a lot lately! Good information, thank you!

  7. mzlollipop928 says:

    222 for life

  8. kimberlybunch says:

    @dieherder You watch too much TV buddy. Prescription: Less TV and more of self reflections is what you need to determine what is and what isn’t for you. Perhaps your love is in a past life as a Nazi leader? ( I doubt it.) Or you or a jerk throwing your garbage on my comment page. Either or. The later rings true.

  9. dieherder says:

    After denouncing “politically correctness”, “feminism”, “judaism” and willingly accepting the Nazi believe system I started waking up at 3:33am.

  10. Fstar15 says:

    i see 333 about 3 or 4 times a day its crazy

  11. kimberlybunch says:

    @Halalsilks I understand what you are saying but I dislike the twist in it. My beliefs aren’t limited and I detest the religious dogma. Too many lifetimes of being tortured and punished for being a free spirit. Religion equals a nice club and a good way to put fear into peoples’ hearts to do good lol. To be good. Crush the soul by calling them sinners . . . oh yeah. Religion equals hell on earth to me. Love love!! Sweet Jesus was good but there is the temple of God within my heart and soul.

  12. Halalsilks says:

    I always feel that 4 has to do with the earth and God’s Glory, for instance, 4 winds No, So, E, W. 4 corners of the world. There is a scripture that says, “THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE GLORY OF THE LORD WILL COVER THE EARTH AS THE WATERS COVER THE SEA” God is calling us to have WISDOM to call out to HIM and not to any false “spirit” , those false spirit guides are demons. Call out to GOD the FATHER, JESUS The SON and HOLY SPIRIT, give your life to HIM! I know I died and came back! I see the 444

  13. migelcaca9 says:

    i always seen these numbers 11:11 or 911 plz someone reply

  14. kimberlybunch says:

    @frantastic2012 Hi. I always use my search engine. There’s always awesome information out there on numerology. It sounds like you have a good source. I had a dream the other night that some invisible source told me that all things on earth were first created by using number sequence. I thought that was exciting news. It opens the mind just the thought of it. Keep going strong my friend. =D

  15. frantastic2012 says:

    I went to the numberology but couldn’t find the list of numbers… I do have Doreen Virtue and Drunvalo Melchizedek’s numbers lists… In love and peace.

  16. kimberlybunch says:

    @blissfulimpressions Thx! =)

  17. blissfulimpressions says:

    Receiving 333 signs here. I love coast to coast as well. Great vid!

  18. SHAMOZZLE69 says:

    @kimberlybunch i always see 333 aswell,trippy eh…

  19. divina341 says:

    hi is good to find some inf. on this subject i have been seen 333 and 444 for almost 2 and half years day and night almost everyday. even if i get up in the middle of the night i see 333. i forget to mention even in the microwave. could this some kind of a spiritual connection for the people that see those numbers. it has to be something more to this

  20. kimberlybunch says:

    @ClockNumerology Interesting. Never heard of any of it.

  21. ClockNumerology says:

    What is God’s Number? = 234 (reverse english)
    The Number of the Messiah = 234 (english)

    Ever did you hear about Clock Numerology? It’s a New Matrix : )

  22. lawlessvictory says:

    ive always seen these numbers daily i still do i just saw 111 and it led me here

  23. kimberlybunch says:

    Someone sent me a message in regards to their disappointment and confusion for the meaning of 444 from spirit guide. They had different information that stated something else for those numbers.

    I looked up from a search engine the info I used in the video, and I only referred others to Glynis has your number because she is good and famous! =)

    The information in question about 444 meaning no… can be found by using a search engine and typing in: spirit guide numerology for 444

  24. PinoyNonoy408 says:

    @C9Zazzle Numbers are a universal language. The thought of counting or numbers in general have been here since….. forever. Space and time dude. space and time.

  25. kimberlybunch says:

    I understand how you feel! Although some people that keep seeing 1111 appear everywhere — they take notice then to them there is meaning. Just like how I woke up ‘often’ at 3:33 am or would see those numbers else where more than any other numbers.

    I’m not here [by no means] trying to turn you into a believer or not!! To each is own. I like a left brain thinker but I rather use both sides of my brain equally. Even if it appears silly or stupid to someone like you.

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